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What makes us struggle less into success?

What makes us struggle less into success?

A little story 4 warm up …

Did I already tell you how this book “Unleash the power of digitality” came into being in the first place? No? Good, then now!
It started with a small, fine PDF that I created for all of you out there who are striving for more success on the Internet. Maybe it’s not that I have millions in my bank account, but still I’m very happy. Because money alone will not buy you gratitude in life and happiness. It takes more than that. Namely, to be able to solve problems and activate giving forces. This is exactly what the eBook can do for you after you have read it. It will change you. Hopefully in a very positive direction. And that’s exactly what I intended with it! Be happy. To be successful means to have perseverance, skill and luck. Yes, these are 3 components that always come back.

What can’t it do? What it can do for you!?

  • It can not take away your work, but make it easier.
  • It can’t prioritize for you, but nevertheless gives you a stop in the essential steps to success in any endeavor on the net. Yes it is a master key! Wow ha?
  • It can’t change you, but it gives you transformations that are remarkable.
  • It has no links for any tools on the net, but still you will have a thread to look for yourself.
  • It doesn’t negotiate for you, but still, once you’ve read and applied it, you can’t be easily ripped off.
  • It doesn’t water you, on the contrary, it plants seeds for a super start and it doesn’t trap you, it lets you grow beyond yourself.
  • It doesn’t give you peace in the sense of security, but it lets you find your peace and tranquility.
  • It doesn’t think for you like AI, but you’ll see after you read the book, it will make a lot of things easier because it will give you knowledge shortcuts that will speed you up tremendously.
  • It can’t build you a team by yourself, but it unleashes team capacity tremendously!

Join the Elite: Tap into a Wealth of success.


Unleash the power of digitality - eBook

Transformbook Nr1 at your readers list 4 success!

Whether it’s a single license you need, or you want to unleash the team license right away? Or do you want to buy a whole license for the company? We also have discounts for you if you are considering such licenses. And because it is so good to be a giver, it is now topped! 20PERCENTSALT (Valid until June 30, 2023) is a coupon that eats 20% off the price indefinitely. So don’t forget to use the coupon too! Thanks!

And a big thank you to those who helped put together such a great book. It was a pleasure to have worked with one or the other.

Kind regards TomFuturo from WEBPLOSIVES.COM.

About The Author


Self-employed and trained coach. Several startups. was an e-project manager and analyst at well-known companies in highly competitive industries and thus have great knowledge about it. I have a broad knowledge in digital marketing. My love for the subject resulted in a technical book in 2014. In addition, I have already taught digital marketing at the adult education center years ago and you will be amazed, with content that is still relevant today. You also want to build a foothold on the net? Do you have the desire and strength to discover your own niche, or do you already have a long-standing hobby for which you burn? I can only warmly recommend my book that will take you from 0 to 100 within weeks. It is not particularly extensive, but it is a bit strange, because you will really take off afterwards! Be there, unleash your power for more!

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