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The importance of provider selection, system selection, and 10C in an organization’s overall strategy.

The importance of provider selection, system selection, and 10C in an organization’s overall strategy.

Designing a successful overall strategy is crucial for any company to succeed in today’s competitive market. Provider selection, system selection and 10C all play a key role in this process. In this article, we will look at the importance of each of these factors and how they work together to shape an effective business strategy.

Provider selection:

Choosing the right provider or service provider for certain business-related aspects can have a significant impact on a company’s success. This can include deciding on the right hosting provider, marketing service provider, vendor or other partner. Provider selection should consider factors such as reliability, performance, support, reputation and cost. A reliable and competent partner can support the company with key resources and expertise, increasing efficiency and providing competitive advantages.

System selection:

Choosing the right system, especially in the digital age, is of great importance to the smooth operation of a business. An effective and customized system can increase productivity, streamline workflows and improve customer experiences. Whether it’s a content management system (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or other business-critical applications, careful system selection is critical. The right system can strengthen the entire business structure and ensure long-term success.

The 10C’s:

The 10C’s are ten essential aspects that should be considered when developing a comprehensive business strategy. Each “C” represents a specific area that forms the basis for a successful business strategy:

Corporate Identity: the unique identity and image of the company that reflects its values, goals and vision.

Content: The creation of relevant, engaging, and high-quality content that appeals to the target audience and adds value.

Commerce: The implementation of an effective e-commerce strategy to sell products or services online.

Community: The creation and maintenance of an active community of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Channels: The selection of the right sales channels to increase the company’s reach and presence.

Competence: The continuous development and promotion of expertise and skills within the company.

Customers: The identification of the target audience and meeting their needs and expectations.

Contracts: The negotiation and management of contracts and agreements with customers, partners and suppliers.

Cooperations: The establishment of strategic partnerships and cooperations to strengthen the company.

Competitors: The analysis of competitors and the development of differentiating competitive advantages.

Part 2: Why WordPress is a good system choice.

In the world of content management and web development, WordPress has established itself as one of the leading platforms. There are several reasons why WordPress is a good system choice for businesses:

1. ease of use: WordPress offers a user-friendly interface that allows less tech-savvy users to create, edit and manage content.

2. Customizability: with a variety of themes, templates, and plugins, WordPress can be easily customized to meet a company’s specific needs and branding.

3. Search Engine Friendly: WordPress is inherently search engine friendly, which improves the visibility and discoverability of the website in search engine results.

4. Community and Support: WordPress has a huge community of developers and users who provide support, answer questions, and provide ongoing updates and security patches.

5. Integrations: WordPress integrates seamlessly with other systems and platforms, making it easy to automate and streamline business processes.

6. mobile support: with a responsive design, WordPress is optimized for mobile devices and offers users a pleasant experience on different screen sizes.

7. Scalability: WordPress is scalable and can be easily expanded as the business grows.


Choosing the right provider, system and considering the 10C are critical to developing a comprehensive and successful business strategy. WordPress, as a flexible and powerful content management system, offers an excellent system choice to strengthen a company’s digital presence and achieve business goals. By integrating WordPress and considering the 10C, businesses can build a solid foundation for their long-term success.

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Self-employed and trained coach. Several startups. was an e-project manager and analyst at well-known companies in highly competitive industries and thus have great knowledge about it. I have a broad knowledge in digital marketing. My love for the subject resulted in a technical book in 2014. In addition, I have already taught digital marketing at the adult education center years ago and you will be amazed, with content that is still relevant today. You also want to build a foothold on the net? Do you have the desire and strength to discover your own niche, or do you already have a long-standing hobby for which you burn? I can only warmly recommend my book that will take you from 0 to 100 within weeks. It is not particularly extensive, but it is a bit strange, because you will really take off afterwards! Be there, unleash your power for more!


  1. skamalka

    I’m new to understanding the significance of provider selection, system selection, and the 10C in an organization’s strategy. It seems like these factors play a crucial role in shaping a successful business strategy. I’m particularly interested in the 10C’s you mentioned as essential aspects of developing a comprehensive business strategy. Can you provide a bit more detail about how each of the 10C’s contributes to the overall strategy? I’m curious to know how factors like corporate identity, content, commerce, and others can come together to create a strong foundation for a business’s success.

    • TomFuturo

      Hello skamalka!

      Yes full, the 10Cs are really essential in the strategy when you have to do on the Internet. In our products (for example: Unleash the power of digitality) we talk about them in detail. Especially as you say: content, commerce and community. These 3 are really very important besides the corporate identity. Maybe you will treat yourself to our reading to be able to dive deeper into these topics. There would be a lot more to say here, I hope our products cover everything, but we will also go into more detail about the 10 Cs in the future. Maybe you see it the same way we do: Corporate Identity in the middle and around it the other Cs.

      Many Greetings, TomFuturo

  2. Michal Bahno

    I have been using WordPress for years, and it has been a reliable platform for managing my website. The article introduced the concept of the 10Cs, which I find quite interesting and relevant for developing a comprehensive business strategy.

    In the past, I struggled to choose the right theme for my website. With so many great options, including free themes, it took me some time to find the one that perfectly suited my needs and branding.

    I want to highlight the importance of caution when changing themes. It’s true that some graphics and layouts might change, potentially impacting the user experience. As a result, I’ve learned that sometimes it requires patience and careful consideration before making such changes.

    Overall, the article provided valuable insights into provider and system selection, as well as the 10Cs, which I will certainly keep in mind to further improve my website and business strategy.

    • TomFuturo

      Hi Michal!

      Thank you for your comment. Yes full, that’s true, you should think carefully about what you change, especially in the 10Cs. We always have them in mind when making decisions too.

      Greetings, TomFuturo


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