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Natural defensive strategies for startups, agencies and enterprises

Natural defensive strategies for startups, agencies and enterprises

What they won’t tell you startups are up against, Startups face a myriad of challenges that are often not openly discussed. Here are some of the less talked-about obstacles they may encounter:

So that it can come at all so far that one can live those values listed below, one should find strategies for those situations which unfortunately still exist in this piggy world out there!

The dust-offs:

If you’re spot on, you’re staked out until they have all the vital information from you so they can copy you and then they hire a big company that has more money and time (manpower) to make your vision and idea a success. You don’t see a dime of it.

Natural Defense:

  • Copyright away from hour zero and not a word to anyone about your invention until you patent it.
  • Secrecy: Keep your ideas and developments secret as long as possible before you make them public or share them with others. Trust only close confidants you know well.
  • Patenting: Protect your innovations and ideas early on with patents or other intellectual property rights. This makes it harder for others to copy your ideas.
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): Use non-disclosure agreements when talking to potential investors or partners, if appropriate, to ensure they don’t misuse sensitive information.


If you’re golden, you’re suppressed and talked down to until they wear you down, while others of them have turned your bonanza into money. They thus prevent you from mega-success, everything slips through your fingers, and the scumbags celebrate the successes.

Natural defense:

  • Report to the police, and if they are also contaminated, report to international courts.
  • Strong contracts: Make sure you set clear and strong terms in business agreements, partnerships and contracts to protect your interests.
  • Network: Build a strong network of supporters, mentors and advisors who support your vision and idea. They can help you overcome obstacles and keep you motivated.
  • Strong ownership: Try to retain as much ownership as possible in your startup to maintain your decision-making power and prevent possible manipulation.

The lullers:

If you are golden, you will be lulled and manipulated until they distract you from your gold mine at the right moment. Thus, they can quietly lift the gold for themselves.

Natural defense:

  • Always stay on the ball with your cause until success is there.
  • Focus and discipline: Stay focused on your vision and goals. Don’t be easily seduced or distracted by others.
  • Team with similar values: Build a team whose members share similar values and work together toward the big goal.
  • Critical mind: Have a critical mind and ask critical questions when something seems strange or manipulative. Don’t be blind to possible attempts at manipulation.

The pushers out – the killers:

If you are spot on, you and maybe even your family will be threatened by an accident or directly by someone.

Natural defense:

  • Immediately report to the police, and if they are also contaminated, report to international courts and arm yourself. Don’t be a fool.
  • Safety: Keep your team and family safe. Implement security measures at your workplace and home.
  • Community: Find support from other founders, entrepreneurs or the community to strengthen you against potential threats.
  • Legal protection: Consult legal counsel and security experts to take steps that can protect you from potential threats.

Please note that these strategies are not a guarantee that you can completely prevent every negative scenario, but they can help reduce risk and increase your chances of dealing with challenges. For serious threats or legal issues, it is always advisable to seek professional help from attorneys or other experts.

Protect intellectual property:

Both startups and established companies should have their innovations, brands and technologies protected by patents, trademark rights and copyrights to prevent imitation and theft.

Build a strong brand:

A strong brand identity builds trust and loyalty among customers. Companies should invest in their branding and ensure that their brand message is consistent and memorable.

Customer-centric approach:

startups and companies should thoroughly understand their customers and listen to their needs and feedbacks. A customer-centric approach leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention.


Focusing on different product lines, markets, or services can mitigate risk if a particular segment or product is not successful.

Build long-term partnerships:

Stable and trusted partnerships with suppliers, distributors and other companies can strengthen the business and reduce the risk of bottlenecks.

Talent management:

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is critical to a company’s success. A positive company culture and growth opportunities can help attract and retain talented employees.

Leverage technology and automation:

Implementing efficient technology and automation can increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize errors.

Financial stability:

a solid financial foundation is critical for businesses to survive. Careful financial planning, risk management, and avoiding excessive debt are all important in this regard.

Responding to market changes:

Startups and companies should be flexible and able to adapt to changing market conditions. Early market research and observation of trends can help identify opportunities and react in time.

Security and data protection:

Protecting customer data and trade secrets is crucial to maintaining customer trust and avoiding potential legal problems.

Risk assessment:

Companies should regularly analyze and assess their risks in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to minimize them.

Transparent communication:

Open and transparent communication both internally and externally builds trust and credibility.

Conservative financial policy:

Companies should be prudent with investments and expenditures and maintain adequate liquidity.

Many Greetings, TomFuturo.

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  1. skamalka

    I’ve been exploring the world of startups and businesses, and your article on natural defensive strategies for startups, agencies, and enterprises caught my attention. It’s interesting to see how startups face various challenges that might not always be openly discussed. The strategies you’ve mentioned to counter these challenges, such as copyrighting, secrecy, and strong contracts, seem really important. However, I’m wondering about the balance between protecting your ideas and maintaining collaborations and partnerships. 

    How do you find the right balance between safeguarding your innovations and sharing enough to build meaningful relationships with potential investors, partners, or customers? 

    Also, the part about “THE PUSHERS OUT – THE KILLERS” is quite intense. How often do these extreme situations occur, and are there any specific examples where startups have successfully defended themselves against such threats?

  2. Michal Bahno

    The article provides valuable advice for startups, offering practical strategies to tackle challenges they may encounter in their entrepreneurial journey. The focus on protecting intellectual property, building strong defenses, and fostering a resilient team is particularly noteworthy.

    But I was wondering, How can startups keep their cool ideas safe from being copied while also showing them to people who might want to help or buy them.. 

    Anyways nice article! 


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