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Have a break, don´t fake your smake ;-)

Have a break, don´t fake your smake ;-)

Some breaks are very important. You know what I do on a regular basis? I really take a break. A break from all the hype, a break from the world, a break from my work, to reflect and, above all, to get away from it all! That is essential! Believe me! Incorporating regular breaks into your daily routine is crucial to maintaining physical and mental health. Here are ten tips on why breaks are important and how to use them effectively:

Increased Productivity:

Breaks can help increase productivity by improving focus and creativity. By taking short time off on a regular basis, you can improve your overall performance.

Stress relief:

Taking breaks is one way to relieve stress. When we focus on a task for too long, it can lead to mental and emotional stress. Taking regular breaks allows us to relax and lower our stress levels.

humor freedom professionalImprove mental health:

Breaks are important to maintain mental health. They give us time to breathe, unwind and regenerate. This can help prevent burnout and other mental stress.

Physical rest:

Breaks are important not only for the mind, but also for the body. In sedentary jobs, it is especially important to take regular exercise breaks to prevent muscle tension and back problems.

Improved creativity:

Taking breaks can boost creativity by freeing the mind from rigid thought patterns. When we step away from a task and relax, we can gain new perspectives and find innovative solutions.

Improve concentration:

Prolonged periods of work can lead to declining concentration. By taking regular breaks, we can maintain our ability to concentrate and work more effectively.

Improved learning ability:

Studies have shown that breaks can improve learning. By taking short breaks while studying or learning, one can better process and retain what they have learned.

Maintaining relationships:

Breaks provide an opportunity to meet with colleagues, friends or family and maintain social relationships. Social interactions can reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

Improved decision making:

Breaks allow us to step back from a situation and think more clearly. This can help make better decisions and act more rationally.


Pauses are ultimately an act of self-care. They allow us to take care of ourselves, recognize our needs, and regenerate. By scheduling regular breaks, you can create a balance between work and leisure.

Remember that it is important to take breaks consciously and actively. During a break, you should distance yourself from your work or studies and do something that brings you joy or relaxes you. Whether it’s a walk, a cup of tea, or a quick chat with a friend, figure out what will best help you unwind and recharge your batteries.

Real professionals can be recognized by the fact that they have a sense of humor ( i.e. distance ) about the subject and/or can offer the greatest degree of freedom to the customer. – Thomas Winterbacher

And do you also sometimes deliberately put their phone away to be more on the spot? For themselves and their neighbors, where they are? I think that is not only more polite and appreciative, but also essential. And because we serve not only musicians, but also music lovers, attached are a few cool tropical songs from the Tube4you:

Many Greetings, TomFuturo

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