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Free advertising: Be a brand ambassador for small businesses.

Free advertising: Be a brand ambassador for small businesses.

At a time when small businesses often face challenges, we can offer our support to them, even if our budget is limited. There are many free ways we can help promote the growth and success of small businesses. By giving our time, voice, and resources, we can help strengthen local economies and help our communities. Here are more than ten different ways you can support small businesses for free:

Write a positive review on a post:

By writing a positive review on a small business product or service, you are helping other potential customers make their purchasing decisions. Good reviews are extremely valuable to small businesses, as they can build trust in their brand and attract new customers.

Tell your friends and family about it:

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to support small businesses. When you tell people about your positive experience and recommend the business to your friends and family, you help grow the business’ customer base and increase sales.

Follow them on social media:

By following small businesses on their social media channels, you show your interest in what they have to offer and help increase their reach. By sharing their posts or tagging friends in relevant content, you can additionally help the business gain more visibility.

Discuss their articles with them:

Show interest in the content that small businesses publish, whether it’s in the form of blog posts, articles or videos. Engage by leaving comments and sharing your opinion or questions. By doing so, you’ll support the dialogue and help the business build an active and engaged community.

Do a little “market shout out” for them:

Share your enthusiasm for the small business in your personal network. This can be done online or offline. Tell your friends, colleagues and acquaintances about your positive experience and encourage them to support the business as well. By doing so, you’ll increase awareness of the business and help it attract new customers.

Sign up for the newsletter:

Sign up for the small business newsletter. By doing so, you will stay up to date on their latest products, offers or events. By showing interest and participating, you’ll help the business support their marketing efforts while benefiting from exclusive offers or information.

Recommend them in online communities:

Share your positive experiences with small businesses in online forums, Facebook groups or other community platforms where people are looking for referrals.

Organize events or workshops:

If you have expertise, you can support small businesses by offering free workshops, lectures or seminars. This helps them expand their skills and expertise.

Buy handmade products:

Support artisans and artists by purchasing handmade products such as jewelry, pottery or artwork. These individual pieces are unique and support the local creative economy.

Offer to be a test customer:

Help small businesses improve their customer experience by offering yourself as a test customer. Give feedback on their products, services or shopping experience to help them optimize their offerings.

Share their events or promotions:

When a small business has a special event, sale or promotion, share it on your social network or with your circle of friends. This will make more people aware of the event and increase the number of participants.

Support crowdfunding campaigns:

Many small businesses launch crowdfunding campaigns to bring their ideas to life. You can support them by donating money or sharing the campaign in your network.

Become a regular customer:

Make a conscious decision to buy from small businesses regularly and become their regular customers. By being loyal, you help them build a solid customer base.

Offer your professional services:

If you have professional skills that could help small businesses, offer your services. This could be accounting, graphic design, marketing, or website development, for example.

Share their story:

Learn about the small business’s backstory and share it with others. People are often interested in the origin story and motivation behind a business.


Find out about local initiatives or organizations that work to support small businesses and volunteer. You could help with events, provide resources or donate your time and skills to support small businesses.

Shop local:

Rather than buying from large chain stores, prefer to shop with local businesses. Whether it’s food, clothing or gifts, look for local retailers and artisans.

Spread the word:

Help small businesses get known by sharing positive experiences on social media, leaving online reviews and recommending them to friends and family. Word-of-mouth is powerful.

Buy gift cards:

Buy gift cards from small businesses, even if you don’t need them right away. You can use them later or give them to friends and family. Gift cards can temporarily replenish the cash register, allowing the small business to get back to work.

Participate in loyalty programs:

Sign up for loyalty programs offered by small businesses. This way, you’ll enjoy perks, discounts and special offers while helping the business grow.

Work with local businesses:

If you have a small business or offer a service, look for opportunities to collaborate with other local businesses. This can be done through partnerships, cross-promotions or joint events that can benefit everyone involved.

Offer your skills or expertise:

If you have relevant skills or expertise, consider volunteering your time to help small businesses. For example, you could help with social media management, website design, or accounting.

Provide constructive feedback:

Small businesses value feedback that can help them improve their products or services. Offer constructive suggestions when appropriate and show your appreciation for what they do well.


These simple actions can have a big impact on small businesses. By raising your voice and telling others about your excitement, you’re helping to increase their visibility and fuel their growth. And don´t forget to share them our products from the megastore! 😉

Kind regards, Thomas Winterbacher


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