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First Aid. 10 essential tips for free!

First Aid. 10 essential tips for free!

When it comes to first aid, the fun usually stops. Now and then we need real help from external partners, whether medicine or other topics. We at have thought about what is really important, where you can really count on being helped. See for yourself which 10 essential things should apply to first aid!

In difficult times, it can be a great challenge to find the right support. Often, however, it is the support of people around us that gives us the backing we need to deal with life’s challenges. But how do you actually recognize who is truly helpful? This article highlights five important characteristics of people who provide true help: their belief in you, the trust they have in you, their active willingness to listen, their serious consideration of your concerns, and their respectful communication.

First aid is honest, who believe in you:

People who believe in you are a valuable support. They show confidence in your abilities and encourage you to believe in yourself. They recognize your potential and motivate you to pursue your goals. These individuals are often positive, encouraging, and take your successes seriously.

First aid is honest, who trust you:

Trust is a key component of any supportive relationship. People who trust you show that they take you seriously and believe in your integrity. They stand behind you and support you unconditionally, even when there are setbacks or mistakes. Their trust is a strong sign that they want to help you achieve your best.

First aid is honest, who actively listen to you:

A real help is someone who actively listens to you. These individuals take time to understand your concerns, thoughts and feelings. They ask questions to get to know you better and really listen to your needs. By actively listening, they show that they take you seriously and make an effort to understand your perspective.

First aid is honest, who takes you seriously:

Someone who takes you seriously shows respect for your opinions, ideas, and feelings. These individuals accept your individuality and treat you with dignity. They are willing to address your concerns and work together to find solutions. By being serious, they show that they value your needs and desires.

First aid is honest, who are not piggish:

A real help is someone who communicates with you in a respectful and friendly way. People who are not piggish treat you with decency and courtesy. They avoid offensive or derogatory statements and express their opinions and criticisms constructively. Such people create a positive and supportive environment.

First aid is honest, who are willing to invest time, no matter how long it takes:

Real help often requires time and dedication. People who are willing to give their time to you show a strong commitment to helping you with your concerns. They take the time to talk with you, support you, or guide you through certain tasks. Their willingness to invest time is a clear sign of their sincere support.

First aid is honest, respect boundaries:

Genuine help includes respecting personal boundaries. People who support you are careful to respect your limits and not overwhelm you. They recognize that you must make your own decisions and respect your privacy. Through this sensitivity, they show their consideration and respect for your needs.

First aid is honest, who are solution-oriented:

Real help often involves offering practical solutions or advice. Supportive people who are solution-oriented actively try to help you overcome challenges or solve problems. They bring their experience, knowledge, or skills to help you find solutions. Their practical approaches are a valuable sign of their support.

First aid is honest, who don’t judge you:

Everyone makes mistakes and goes through difficult times. People who provide genuine help aren’t out to judge or criticize you. Instead, they show understanding, compassion and empathy. They accept you despite your flaws or weaknesses and offer their help without judging you for it.

First aid is honest, who strengthen and empower you:

Real help means not only standing by you in difficult times, but also strengthening and empowering you. Supportive people who empower you encourage you to reach your full potential and act on your own. They give you the confidence and trust that you are capable of overcoming your own problems and making positive changes.

Sources for First Aid:

No outside sources were used in the preparation of this article. The information is based on common knowledge and understanding about interpersonal relationships and support. But I want to honor ChatGPT for a perfect help and research too!

Don’t worry, with this mindset you will hopefully recognize those who are really and properly helping you. Now and then it is just so that one errs, even professionals and / or one needs 2 3 attempts, until that fellow human being (doctor, coach, Theraphist, etc.).

You can only do one thing wrong, and that is not to help. And even if you just whistle up another next person because it’s too much for you. Keep on the good work out there! – Thomas Winterbacher

If you love my article, especially doctors, then back it up with your comment. Thanks for reading.

Kind regards
Thomas Winterbacher

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