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The world of vocal training and music education has witnessed a significant transformation with the advent of This innovative online platform has revolutionized the way aspiring singers and vocal enthusiasts learn and develop their vocal skills. With a comprehensive range of features, personalized instruction, and a community-driven approach, has quickly become a go-to resource for vocalists worldwide.

A Multifaceted Learning Experience: offers a multifaceted learning experience that caters to vocalists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The platform provides a diverse range of vocal exercises, warm-ups, and techniques that are designed to enhance vocal range, tone, breath control, and overall performance. Whether you’re interested in classical, has specialized training modules tailored to your musical preferences.

Personalized Instruction:

One of the standout features of is its personalized instruction. Upon joining the platform, users are assessed based on their current vocal abilities and goals. This assessment enables the platform to create a customized curriculum, focusing on areas that require improvement while building upon existing strengths. With this tailored approach, users can experience accelerated progress and optimize their vocal potential.

Expert Guidance: boasts a team of experienced and highly skilled vocal coaches who provide expert guidance throughout the learning journey. These coaches offer individualized feedback, vocal analysis, and personalized tips to help users refine their technique and improve their overall performance. The interactive nature of the platform allows users to communicate with their coaches, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning experience.

Community Interaction: emphasizes community interaction, fostering a sense of collaboration and support among its users. The platform features a vibrant community where vocalists can connect, share their progress, and seek advice from fellow learners. This aspect of creates an encouraging and motivating environment that propels users towards their vocal goals.

Accessible and Convenient:´s online platform offers the convenience of learning from anywhere, at any time. Vocalists can access the comprehensive curriculum, training materials, and coaching sessions through the website or mobile app. This accessibility eliminates geographical constraints, making quality vocal training available to individuals worldwide, irrespective of their location.


The plattform has emerged as a game-changer in the field of online vocal training. With its multifaceted learning experience, personalized instruction, expert guidance, and vibrant community, the platform has empowered countless vocalists to reach new heights in their musical journey. By combining cutting-edge technology with the art of vocal training, has successfully bridged the gap between aspiring singers and their dreams, making high-quality vocal education accessible to all.

Many Greetings, Thomas Winterbacher

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Self-employed and trained coach. Several startups. was an e-project manager and analyst at well-known companies in highly competitive industries and thus have great knowledge about it. I have a broad knowledge in digital marketing. My love for the subject resulted in a technical book in 2014. In addition, I have already taught digital marketing at the adult education center years ago and you will be amazed, with content that is still relevant today. You also want to build a foothold on the net? Do you have the desire and strength to discover your own niche, or do you already have a long-standing hobby for which you burn? I can only warmly recommend my book that will take you from 0 to 100 within weeks. It is not particularly extensive, but it is a bit strange, because you will really take off afterwards! Be there, unleash your power for more!


  1. mike

    What a fantastic article highlighting the remarkable features and benefits of! It’s truly impressive to see how this platform has transformed the world of vocal training and music education. The multifaceted learning experience offered by is undoubtedly a game-changer, catering to vocalists of all levels and providing a comprehensive range of exercises and techniques to enhance their skills.

    I particularly appreciate the emphasis on personalized instruction. It’s wonderful to see how the platform assesses each user’s abilities and goals to create a customized curriculum. This tailored approach ensures that users can focus on areas that require improvement while building upon their existing strengths. Such personalized instruction undoubtedly leads to accelerated progress and helps users optimize their vocal potential.

    The presence of experienced and skilled vocal coaches adds immense value to The expert guidance provided by these coaches, including individualized feedback and vocal analysis, is invaluable for refining technique and improving overall performance. The interactive nature of the platform, allowing users to communicate with their coaches, creates a supportive and engaging learning experience.

    I’m also impressed by the emphasis on community interaction. The vibrant community within allows vocalists to connect, share their progress, and seek advice from fellow learners. This collaborative environment fosters motivation and encouragement, which are crucial for achieving vocal goals. It’s wonderful to see a platform that not only focuses on individual growth but also facilitates a sense of community among its users.

    The accessibility and convenience provided by are truly commendable. Being able to learn from anywhere, at any time, through the website or mobile app eliminates geographical constraints and ensures that quality vocal training is available to individuals worldwide. This inclusivity is essential for aspiring singers who may not have access to local vocal resources.

    Overall, has undoubtedly revolutionized the field of online vocal training. By combining cutting-edge technology with the art of vocal training, this platform has successfully bridged the gap between aspiring singers and their dreams. It has opened doors to high-quality vocal education and empowered countless vocalists to reach new heights in their musical journey.

    I have a few questions,

    How has impacted your personal vocal journey?

    What specific techniques or exercises have you found most helpful?

    Can you share any success stories or experiences from the vibrant community within 

    How has connecting with fellow vocalists influenced your motivation and progress?

    In your opinion, what sets apart from other online vocal training platforms? 

    What unique features or approaches make it stand out to you?

    Once again, congratulations to on providing a passport to vocal excellence and making high-quality vocal education accessible to all!

    Warm Regards

    M.T. Wolf

    • TomFuturo

      Mike! Thanks for your words! Wow, cool questions with a charming introduction.

      Mike I started with Jens Waldig back in the early 2002s for some years working together. For my part, I can only say that good preparation is half the work. We talked for days and nights about it, worked and combined e-business and music with attention to detail. Now hopefully it has become a pearl. Personally, I have withdrawn from this business, also due to health reasons, but of course my love for music and e-business has remained. 

      Hm success, success has definitely several ways in my opinion, several approaches. But what I like to pass on for my part: Keep at it, and good things take time! Let me fetch up Jens, I hope he can answer your other questions well. All the best, Thomas

  2. Anoth

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for the comprehensive rundown on! Your post has thoroughly outlined the immense value this platform brings to the world of vocal training and music education. I was particularly intrigued by how the platform has integrated cutting-edge technology with expert, personalized instruction to create a learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

    It’s refreshing to see how has designed its offerings to be inclusive of vocalists at all levels. The thought put into crafting a customized curriculum for each individual is a testament to the platform’s dedication to fostering real growth and improvement. Moreover, the emphasis on community interaction creates a nurturing environment where learners can share their journey, which can be just as important as the instruction itself in the path towards vocal mastery.

    • TomFuturo

      Hi Anoth! Thanks a lot! Yes, I am also happy, that many services around are quite good worked out and matured to an excellent service. For me, it was just exciting to see how things would turn out. I can still dimly remember when I once had the thought to cooperate more with larger players on the market or to mature in the team and network ourself, without wanting to evaluate it. As I meantioned before in the comments with Mike, I can only repeat: Patience and and stay on the ball. I also hope, that we can reach here others too for this wonderful “indipendent” service for singers around the globe! I’m no longer involved in the operational business myself, but I’m always pleased to receive flowers, of course, because I also put parts of my heart and soul into it. And I think that will be especially happy Jens, when he will read these lines of yours. Many Greetings, Thomas


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