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Unleash the power of digitality - Backcover

By Thomas Winterbacher

Master key

An e-business fact book for a winning start.

Navigate the digital maze with ease as a startup or small business. The digital transformation moves fast, introducing new tools and know-how like a bullet train. I’ve been in your shoes, sorting through complexities and crafting strategies. Dive into impactful solutions without the overwhelm – grab the guide and revolutionize your business now!

The 9 commandments of building a brand identity that lasts

Crafting a timeless brand is tough. From discovering your uniqueness to battling options, the journey is a challenge. Your brand identity is your voice and values on display, bonding you with customers. A strong identity leads to triumph; a weak one to disaster. With hands-on startup experience, I’ve decoded the challenges.  Get “The 9 Commandments of Building a Lasting Brand Identity” – a concise guide for an unshakable persona. Dive in and level up! Grab your FREE E-Book by sharing your email.

Best Author in starting things.

Thomas Winterbacher

Self-employed and a trained coach. Had several startups behind me, was an e-project manager and analyst at well-known companies in highly competitive industries and thus have great knowledge about it. I have a broad knowledge in digital marketing. My love for the subject resulted in a technical book in this field in 2014. In addition, I have already taught online marketing at the adult education center in 2002 and you will be amazed, with content that is still relevant today.

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“The most important thing in taking the first step is not the distance, but the direction.”

– Unknown

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On the Path to Perfection.

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The heartbeat of top usermanagement.

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First Aid. 10 essential tips for free!

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The power of digital marketing revealed.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, digital technology has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. With the right digital tools and strategies, companies can unlock a new level of productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

However, harnessing the full potential of digital work requires more than just investing in the latest software and hardware. It requires a mindset shift and a commitment to embrace new ways of working. From remote collaboration and virtual meetings to cloud-based storage and automation, the possibilities for digital work are endless.

In this production, we will explore how businesses can unleash the power of digital work to transform their operations and achieve their goals. We will hear from industry experts and thought leaders who have successfully implemented digital work strategies, and we will provide practical tips and advice for businesses looking to take the first steps towards a digital future. So join us on this journey of discovery and let’s unleash the power of digital work together!

- Thomas Winterbacher

Founder & Marketing Expert